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We grow in knowledge and professionalism

Podjetje Bimex

We are an international family company with a 34-year tradition.

During these years, we have gained the trust of some world-renowned brands.

Together with our suppliers and clients, we have been, and are still, growing in knowledge and professionalism, which qualifies us as advisers for the purchase of thermoplastic materials.

Our vision is to be the first choice for those who need the best raw materials for the production of plastic products. This is why we are advocating verified quality, while at the same time remaining open to the new challenges of the circular economy.

We are building relationships and setting sail for new opportunities and successes.

Bimex Sabina Klajnšek, direktorica

Sabina Klajnšek, CEO

Podjetje Bimex
Skladišče Bimex

Our roots date back to 1990, when Biserka Klajnšek began making alarm and wall clocks.

In 1994 her husband, Damjan Klajnšek joined the company and the same year was the beginning of technical thermoplastics distribution, which has remained our main activity to this day.

In 2001 the daughter, Sabina Klajnšek also joined. Without firm will, enthusiasm and dedication to work, we would not have become an important ‘just in time’ caretaker of renowned international brands with technical thermoplastics and a reliable partner to our suppliers.




We follow agreements and respond to the needs of our clients and business partners. We strive to build long-term business relationships for mutual satisfaction.


We ensure the just-in-time supply of materials. Our storage capacity allows us to have emergency stock and provide our clients with regular delivery and adequate maintenance.


We take care of our employees and also invest into our local environment to support the different cultural, educational, sports and humanitarian projects and organizations. Our motto is “Trust brings trust”.


We specialise in the industrial supply of technical thermoplastic materials for world-renowned brands. Our offer includes thermoplastic materials for the production of high-quality products and semi-finished products in a range of industries, such as the electrical industry, the automotive industry, the production of large and small household appliances, the furniture industry, the footwear industry, the textile industry, etc.


We advise on the choice and optimum use of materials. Furthermore, we ensure professional technical support in the production of more demanding plastic products and in resolving challenges. Our materials comply with the national and international standards and regulations, and have relevant quality certificates. We recommend using environmentally-friendly materials and materials that use less energy during processing.

To order or for more information call +386 (0)40 756 744 or email us at info@bimex.si.



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